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Dear Valued Customers,

Ever crave Maeda Sushi but can’t make it to the restaurant?
Complaining there is no food served on your flights, and nothing decent to eat at the airport?

We are improving these conditions.

Maeda Sushi quality at supermarkets and the airport!

Maeda Sushi quality at supermarkets and the airport!

Sushi rolls from Maeda Sushi are now available at several supermarkets. They are also at kiosks and food court at Bradley International Airport. Complete with new packaging (please check out the octopus logo nicknamed “Homertako” by artist Lynita Shimizu), our California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon-Avocado Roll, and Avocado-Cucumber Roll are sold at:

Bradley International Airport: Main Street kiosk, food court, and Locks Landing  lounge (daily)
Kane’s Market (Friday & Saturday)
Geissler’s Supermarkets – Granby (daily)
Fitzgerald’s Fine Foods (daily starting Friday, May 22nd)

Our customers know we care deeply about quality. They are not supermarket sushi, they are Maeda Sushi. It’s the same rolls we serve at the restaurant. I personally deliver them daily, and anything left from the night before is thrown out. You will only get the freshest sushi, with no gimmicks on the “Best By” date.