Owner-Chef Yasuo Maeda, a sushi chef with fans worldwide has opened the doors to his new business, Maeda Sushi Restaurant, located at Simsbury Commons.

For forty years, Yasuo Maeda (pronounced mah-EH-duh) has been building and maintaining a reputation as one of the world’s foremost sushi chefs. Chef Maeda began his career as a young apprentice at one of Tokyo’s highly regarded traditional sushi restaurant, Issei. Learning under some of Japans best for 15 years and having earned the status of a true sushi chef, he moved to the culinary center of the world, New York City, in 1982. Working at several of Manhattan’s leading Japanese restaurants, he built an impeccable reputation as a craftsman, and opened the original Maeda Sushi Restaurant on East 41st St, in 1997. For years, Chef Maeda has served as the personal chef for a television network at the Masters Golf Tournament preparing and serving his world famous sushi to guests that ranged from business executives to celebrities.

Due to high demand for a truly authentic sushi restaurant here in Connecticut, Chef Maeda made a decision to retire from the hectic city life and to make a move into the town of Simsbury. Here, with the support of the welcoming local community, Chef Maeda takes pleasure in serving those who recognize and appreciate the special effort required to prepare authentic Tokyo-style (Edo-Mae) Sushi, and along with the staff here at Maeda Sushi Restaurant, looks forward to make many new friends here in beautiful Simsbury.

Trusted Knives

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