Dear Customers,


There are changes in the menu for the upcoming Slow Food Dinner.

We hope this is even more exciting than the one previously planned.

If you do not eat raw fish, we can accommodate.  Please indicate to us when you make a reservation.


Special course dinner:  $50 per guest (not including tax/gratuity/drinks).


Two Dates:  Thursday 3/12 & Thursday 3/19

Time:  6:30 p.m.

Where:  Maeda Sushi Restaurant, 530 Bushy Hill Rd, Simsbury, CT 06070


Reservation is required.  Call Maeda Sushi, (860) 651-4100

We will ask for your credit card number at the time of reservation.  If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so more than 24 hours prior.  After that, we will charge $50 per person.


Limited seating, and they are quickly filling us, so please call to secure your seat.



Here is the MENU


Appetizer:  前菜


Plate of Three:  Burdock Kinpira, Fu of Mugwort, Edamame with Tofu Cream

                Burdock Kinpira:  Root vegetable sauté with sesame oil

Edamame with Tofu Cream:  green beans out of the pod with delicate cream

Fu of Mugwort:  “bread” of wheat gluten with the fragrant vegetable


Sashimi:  刺身


Whitefish Sashimi with Ponzu:  sheer slices of whitefish with ponzu sauce


Steamed:  蒸し物


Shinshu Mushi & Shrimp Shumai

                Shinshu Mushi:  Cha (green tea) noodle laid over white fish, with broth splashed over

                Shrimp Shumai:  shrimp dumplings with shredded flour skin


Broiled:  焼き物


Codfish Yuan style:  marinated in a yuzumirin-soy sauce


Refreshment:  お口直し


Granita of Plum and Shiso mint




Five Piece Sushi


Dessert:  デザート


Green Tea Ice Cream

menu may change due to availability